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I can’t breathe.  It’s choking me -- suffocating me.  But I just let it.  All the air sucked from my lungs.  But I endure. 
Once we were all together Together is not the same now Now we are seperated Seperated it's so easy to go down a rabbit hole of doubt Doubt that anyone cares Cares that you are alive and struggling
Hi Friend,Or, uh. . .  Maybe friend. I only say Maybe Because it has been 52 days since I saw You last.
I can’t stop Thinking about you. I have loved you since The first day of 9th grade When you just Moved into our school. I love you.
I need help. They say there are good days and bad days. But how can you tell the difference when you don’t even know what day it is?
Powerful, she drove me insane.  mental heath diagnosis’ and  medications prescribed ...useless, it won’t turn off the thoughts,
Alone, in silence,  trapped within my cognitive prison. Lack of inspiration.  I want to start a movement,  but the world just stopped. 
Quarantine just went into placeHave to stay at home just in case The relieved sigh of the doctor and nurseBut as time goes by its getting worse
That was a rainy day Mom got hurt It was only me and her I was scared, could only run away   That's how it started I'd become a nurse And after some time to protect the ones I love
It won't feel like this forever Everyone keeps saying that That used to be the depression tagline But now it applies to the entire world It's the truth but what about right now?  
I'm writing a poem cause I don't want to work. My project is due soon, there's twelve hours left.  But quarantine's getting to me, I'm going berserk. Stuck in my home here, I'm feeling bereft.
I feel dead inside  When will the crippling fear end? Am I a lost cause? Could I have changed the course? I could have told them I let them believe the lie If only they knew 
I live for dreams just out of reach. resting my head each night, demanding that  tomorrow brings Fufillment.   a blue jay with clipped wings scowers the earth
Today has made me feel very dark For the last month it gets dark and adds a pain to my heart I don’t miss the school or the stupid fools in it  But I miss the time away from home 
The world outside seems frozen In the relativity of the time Everything's broken Nostalgia for what's gone Guilty passiveness, sadness For those who won't return   Powerless, unable to fight
does university really encourage individuality  at home we are able to learn freely  without restrictions of integrity  withou being watched constantly  free space free mental states
Quiet nights, quiet days Upside down and so confused, what is happening to our world? Alone and afraid, separated from humanity Reaching for hands that cannot ever touch Asking questions that no one can answer
On these days at home, I am left with only myself. How blank everything feels when you can’t live in the world around you. The calmness unsettles me. There are no expectations to be vibrant and eventful.
Watching the worldFrom inside of my houseWatching it collapse and collideAnd the only thing I think aboutIs you.Your smell and your smileYour facetime pops upWe’ve been calling each otherDaily, for weeks nowMy heart collapses in itselfWe shouldn’t
I knew I shouldn't get excited I shouldn't get myself worked up I got a little taste of freedom  Now where am I? I'm fucked! You took the away the ocean with which I fell so deep in love
***ADAPTED FROM ORIGINAL LYRICS WRITTEN BY ME*** I'll quarantine my heart Keep it close but keep it far From anyone Who might say they love me You should have been my cure Your medicine was never pure
There's fear. Apprehension. Paranoia, If you will. We hide. We hoard. We gossip to our fill. I'd rather just be free. To laugh, run, and embrace. I'd rather take that risk,
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