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Gratitude is being thankful for what you have and what has already been done  on your behalf. Sight is acting on what you can see. Praise is being thankful for what you will have and what will be done on your 
People change, circumstances change, loyalties change, contracts change. While the whole world is always changing, He will never change.  He will always be faithful to His Word and to His promises.
We can live with either life or with death. If you live one way you die the other. If you die to one you live with the other. Too often a distortion is placed on what this life may be.
At war with myself in the moment So I lay on my back and stare into the sky   At times like these The outside begins to feel like the inside   At times like these
Hush little one don't be afraid hoping you will be able to make it through another day So many open doors that you are scared to walk in, thinking you'll pick the wrong one that will lead you to sin again.  God hold my hand & guide me down the
Dear God, Look at my pain, look at my hardships, look at my scars    Look at my stumbles, trips, and hard falls; You know, times that have made me want to give it up all
Now what do I do Oh, how I want to be healed Faith, patience, and time
God knows how far I can go, I don't He's put something in me that I can't see No matter what I have his grace is enough No matter what I am, I'm standing in his love
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