Prayers In A Letter

Dear God,

Look at my pain, look at my hardships, look at my scars 


Look at my stumbles, trips, and hard falls;

You know, times that have made me want to give it up all


To throw in the towel and call it a day 

I’ve felt it a lot this year and we’re not even in May 


Dear God,

Look at my tears, the ones that make oceans and drown me in doubt 

look at my insecurities, my fears, the ones that make me feel like everything was my fault. 


Dear God, 

why can’t I hear you, why can’t I feel you.. why can’t I see you? WHERE ARE YOU? 


But God says,


Dear beloved child of mine,

I’m with you wherever you go


Look at the lessons I’ve taught you and the times that I’ve fought for you 


look at the bumps in the road that feel higher than mountains and remember that you can do all things through me, who strengthens you 


look at the times that you’ve cried but I wiped away the tears and said “keep moving” 


Tell me your insecurities and I’ll remind you that I’ve made you perfect 


Look at your fears and remind them that your God is bigger than your problems. 


Look to your side, and just know that I’m there.


This poem is about: 


Jan Wienen

Thank you ... so true ...

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