Thought Archives: Death vs. Life

We can live with either life or with death. If you live one way you die the other. If you die to one you live with the other. Too often a distortion is placed on what this life may be. In that distortion meaning is lost and replaced with fallacy. Too often the good is overlooked by the bad. Too often the bad is overlooked by the good. Where does the see saw teeter? How do we find the balance in this world to live this life with life? 

To live of the world is death, but to live away from the world is also death. To do, complete, and fulfill as a piece of the world. Death is temptation. A resolution to the gratification of self. Completion, fulfillment of self gratification. Distortion enters by the temptation of self gratification, and thus allows a life of death to satisfy. Fallacy patches the holes.  If I live to satisfy my self, how can I live for my life? The see saw tilts. One side is too good. The other side is too bad. Harmony cannot occur, and without harmony, what is life? 

 In. To be around, to acknowledge, perhaps understand what the world is. Life is the solution to self gratification. To live with life leads to clarity and the knowing of the absolute truth. No longer does one live to satisfy their self, yet the Creator. In all His glory we reside within the truth that is, simply, Him. The life He provides allows us to fully live. Oh death where is your sting. Because of the life provided, we are no longer dominated by death. We can triumph with full, and utter life. In the world, living with Him, allows us to have life. The see saw is in balance. Complete, perfect harmony occurs.


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