last road

Hush little one don't be afraid hoping you will be able to make it through another day So many open doors that you are scared to walk in, thinking you'll pick the wrong one that will lead you to sin again.  God hold my hand & guide me down the right path, I know that made the devil mad I can feel his wrath.  Be my light like a burning candle, never leave me in the dark that's something I handle. If I get lost help me find my way whisper in my ear that everything is going to be ok. I know that you are there but Lord I am here. I just want to feel you near. Wrap your arms around me so I can feel safe & protected even when I feel neglected.  I know with you I can win this race, even when the devil try to stop me & get in my face. Not that's not the case because I have you as my shield, Whenever I need you I can run to you like a little girl in a flower field. You give me strength to keep in pushing, those day of looking back are now over. I can finally dust the devil off my shoulder  All that weight I once had, I have dropped it & left it in the past. Now it's all about me & I refuse to put me last !

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