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I'm saddened my phone doesn’t ring I'm saddened the mailbox is empty I'm saddened we’re not together I'm saddened you threw out my things
Side by side we stood Cake, cuddles, cliques Naïve playful jokes   Through the phone we texted Shakes, sharing, snakes Rude words on the screen   Parties I don’t belong at
An ugly egg A newborn angel A sigh All enter a room Unidentified, unsocialized Yet the air closes in, closeting hearts Fury, Confusion, Ignorance run in Crowding the virgin
in darkness, we found solace. you recognized my confusion, and i understood your pain. we shared misgivings about our purpose in life, and the way the world should be. your tiny blue bedroom was our haven.
He was there in the beginning, they say He's always been there, will always be there   Those who have met him Often seem to cling on Afraid to let go Scared of what they’ll see  
Not only did I glow, I grew  Not only did it change me, it invited me to see a new view  The transformation from unpleasing to appeasing made me love this new person I was seizing 
“Are you ok?”  “You are so sensitive.” When I was younger, that’s all I heard. I was the most sensitive being  And I thought it was a bad thing.
its difficult to pinpoint the catalyst  of change, tucked neatly between the graying pages  of my childhood and adolescence an autumn of sorts- outside colors fade dull, bare bones exposed to harsh elements like
Surrounded.  Everyone around me, love, hate, never a break, smile, laugh, pretend everything is perfect everything is fine  alone. In my own place, happy, love, never a stress, smile, laugh, learn 
In my mother’s womb, like a spec I was, unaware of the world around me.   Protected and safe, inside my cocoon, I was a caterpillar experiencing my metamorphosis.
Once a friend, always a friend right? Sike, you thought, now she's complaining about kissing when you're so sick of her missing Support? Who is she supporting?  
It started senior year So many realizations and quite a few confrontations And I cant forget the tears Growing up, I never knew I'd lose so many relation-ships Friends grew apart Gave me a broken heart
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