Blue Jay

In my mother’s womb, like a spec I was,

unaware of the world around me.


Protected and safe, inside my cocoon,

I was a caterpillar experiencing my metamorphosis.

My introduction to this world beautiful yet terrifying,

I had no understanding of the world before me.


As I grew, I knew joy, laughter and bliss, no indication that life was not all sunshine and rainbows.


Soon I would be off into the world,

having my own experiences

learning new people,

creating a life outside my home.


At my earliest ages of knowing and understanding what a future was I began to dream,

imagining all that I could be,

putting no limitations on my capabilities,

the universe was a kingdom that I could conquer in full.


As I grew older the bliss became bleak,

gone were the days of childish dreams,

picturing oneself to be all that there could be,

Instructed I needed to pick,

or I would face being left behind.


Stoic and focused is what I’ve become,

Set on achieving goals not only for myself,

but for a family that has placed their dreams within me.


Though I was born long ago,

I walk this Earth feeling as if my life has only just begun,

though I have faced society’s attempt at leaving its imprint on me,

I view this world as my own,

nothing is out of my reach,

my dreams are mine to make true.


I stand strong and believe,

my possibilities are limitless.

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