Growing with Sensitivity

Tue, 06/18/2019 - 12:16 -- AAJJ

“Are you ok?” 

“You are so sensitive.”

When I was younger, that’s all I heard.

I was the most sensitive being 

And I thought it was a bad thing.

I would try so hard to not cry 

Or openly show my emotions 

Because I feared the label “sensitive.”

For me, that was the worst feeling,

Like a punch in the gut.

But I’m older now.

I’m better.

I have learned that being sensitive is not a bad characteristic 

But an essential one.

We need more sensitive people in the world

To express the feelings that others can’t.

To be be sympathetic and empathetic.

To be the warmth in a cold place. 

I have grown to see my sensitivity in a more positive light,

Which has help me with self-love.

Sensitivity isn’t a step back but a step forward.

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