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Rain Tapping on my window Flowing and dancing outside Inviting me to play With the sweet smell so pure I'm in love
With thoughts of you on my mind I let my pen take me on a journey as the ink leads the way Expressing the things my heart wanted to tell you but I never got the chance to say
Manipulations runs through my son's veins At an early age the disease caught him After the divorce we were stuck with a curse He had an addiction to making me suffer Getting his way was the only option we had
I still want my depression because in some strange way it makes me feel closer to you If I'm holding on am I being selfish of not letting go... Because I don't plan to. I need you! I want you!
Scribbling on a piece of paper I think my pen is running out of ink Without hope my creation of a masterpiece has failed Or did it? I needed to think sharper and I did
If time is of the essence set me free Let me love on you and you love on me Show me all the attention and affection Let me be the mirror in your reflection I wanna be your backbone and your heart
I'm caught between a rock and a hard place Praying but searching for an answer is a race What path do I choose or which do I take Time flys by and my decision I must make Do I follow my dreams and see where it leads
When the world was asleep I looked outside and took a sneak peak So many lives waiting to be touched by me And I will take them on a poetic journey One smile at a time, my goal Turning broken spirits whole
Believe in me
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