You're My Poetry

With thoughts of you on my mind I let my pen take me on a journey as the ink leads the way
Expressing the things my heart wanted to tell you but I never got the chance to say
Painted visions of the atmosphere scented candles lit soft music in the background playing
My heart beat struck a pace a sweet harmony filled my soul now my head is swaying
Like the melodies of the piano each key tuned in my mind is focused and words I embrace
Because I just thought about your big bright eyes and that handsome smile upon your face
Now I'm inspired to mold these feelings I never knew existed into a creative piece of art
So this one is for you my motivation and my love coming straight from the heart
As the night sweeps in and darkness covers the sky there is still light from my shining star
Crafted from God beautiful and bright full of life shaped just right That's who you are
I'm reminded of the twinkle in your eyes when you stare at me providing me with butterflies
The intensity of your love shines through giving me existence I see when I look in your eyes
Making me feel wanted making me feel loved most importantly making me feel complete
Along with your gentle touch that provides me with the extra thump in my heart beat
The way you kiss me is so powerful that makes my knees weak and sends me the chills
You're so amazing I can’t even describe the way your love feels
You're my heart you're my perfection my king you are the definition of right
You're my knight in shining armor my passion and the love of my life
Baby you're my poetry whenever I write

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