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I am nothing like you want me to be I am not smart I am not funny I am not strong I will never be what you want me to be Instead of inspiring me
“Why do you think you’re not a craftsman?” I don’t make perfect things Or things that others appreciate Or things that serve a purpose
It’s bright today Warm too It doesn’t match my brain My brain is rough And frantic It’s warm with all the action And this heat
Sorry my sorrow is the longest surah to skim I’d sacrifice this sadness to start over for your sake I know this scares you
Maybe this is a mistake but Lately I’ve been feeling Emotions I’ve never felt before and I’m Scared.  Sorry. I don’t want to think about
Sorry girl I’ve loved you through the whirlwind Of your wurl of emotions Your curls cover my bed You twirl across my dreams
I wish somebody knew me But nobody knows me And it’s my fault I push away To be safe Being alone Is safer than being
G-d I’m tired I’m tired of working, trying to attain the wherewithal All this work, I wish I was retired It’ll be my downfall
He’s ugly Smugly laughing at your voice Rejoice that soon you rid your life of him Skim the bodies of campus again and find one better Sweater weather is over
You figured it out? Sure I announced it to part of the student body but you understood it? My monologue was masterfully mysterious so that it drew
It’s hard to listen to you When your confidence clogs up the house Why can’t you be more like me? Meek and quiet Ready to run at any moment
If you want to find me, I’ll be on the Side of the road.  Curled up and waiting for The vultures to descend on my warm and Peaceful body. I’d scare them off with a
I’d be the honey suckle on your tongue I’d be the perfume surrounding your senses I’d be the light through the darkness You’d beg for more of me Imagine
I’ll use my broken bones as a splint My black eyes will start my eye shadow You can’t keep me away with the danger of bloody noses Violence won’t wash away la vie en rose
Your smile rots my teeth Far too sweet for me I can feel your sugar in my body Days after you left me Stomach blooming I can’t accept this
Her friends warned her about you Swarming in her ears like the maggots in your eyes Still, she crawls to your crow call Like a child in grief
you really could be delectable but… i can’t take you home you’re too much i wish you were less
They move without a purpose They stop and start with the longest pause in between I don’t have time to stop I gotta keep moving If I stop it’s for food
He keeps me safe I trust him because I fear him And he’s all I need and more He has a power over me he can’t control He makes the birds sing
I’m no dancer I want to be but... It’s nice to think about but... It’s impossible for me to be a dancer I wish I could create things like my idols can
You need your sleep Night is better than day Close your eyes Staple them shut if you must And sleep for me Breathe for me
Maybe marrying a man might help Men make me merry... Might make me malicious or murder me, But men might make me moneyed My G-d Molly men aren’t monsters
Long hair gets in the way as the guitarist starts to strum, eyes closed, nails long, nails painted, mic close she’s mine, i’m hers, honey, darling, baby, love me and i’ll love you
How could i have been assaulted again? I must have asked for it I was leading him on anyway
I’m hungry I’m always hungry Blame it on what you want but it’s just biology Humans, just like any other mammal, Need to keep their blood glucose levels stable
“You’re so interesting/mysterious/hard to know” Men seem obsessed to crack my shell “Let me get to know you/buy you a drink/come over/watch a movie with you”
I should be barefoot My greasy feet could match my greasy intent “Pay attention to me!” I cried Applause I ached for something different
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