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My French teacher once told us that we cannot love another, until we loved ourselves I scoffed, because if she only knew how much I have loved
Many people judge me for what I wear Many people judge my appearance   Many people stare, as I pass by on the sidewalk
I looked in the mirror at my disgusting self I never quite liked myself, after all, why would I? I've never been the prettiest, skinniest or smartest
Sorry to break it to you but  Conquering a fear is not slaying a dragon. There is no high nobility, no blood-earned praise. Where is the clanking sound of a sheathing blade?
Feet on the ground. No...surrounded Now the sky seems clouded All to really look down on is a shadow “Not alone,” that voice staccato No...shadows, it’s all crowded
The pain, the fear The longing goodbye A scream and wail from the inside Yet no matter how strong No matter frightening
  They say ‘Just Do It’ But I say Contemplate, For fear is not bred by unwillingness; It is simply a product of such. Never cease to prepare yourself; Get up early so you know who won the day.
Fear, riddles through my body.   Am I sad enough, or just lying? Am I mean enough, or just trying? Am I fake enough, or is it showing?   Am I good enough, or am I tired of trying?
It progressed as a thought, Developing into what were my emotions I Wanted, I thrived, to be oblivious, Pushing Through, Breathing air I felt I didn't deserve I didn't think I needed a savior,
Stop being a liarOwn up to your mistakesStop being a liar Don't you see you're a disgrace ? Stop being a liarTears falling down my faceStop being a liarYou're a manipulating slave
They say that The most successful people Do hard things Even when they are hard And they don't want to do them But, they do it anyway.   I guess fear is there Fear of an out of comfort
I will not. Not now not ever. Come on, you just gotta try. I promise you I won’t change my mind in a million years. Please, I can hear your future optimism.  No Yes. Pleaseee. No. Just try it.
Agoraphobia. Noun.  Extreme irrational fear of entering open or crowded places, of leaving one’s own home, or of being in places from which escape is difficult.    Chicago, sometimes Chi-raq by the 
I used to be afraid But now I am strong   Conversations were a battleground And I was easily defeated But the silence was worse It really wasn't what I needed  
i realize that, very often, i am vulnerable. i am fragile. i try to be a light for others, hoping that maybe my glow will lead others through their dark tunnel
A great fear arose in me One the held down that best part of me. Being scared of rejection and broken apart
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