I Used to Be Afraid, but Now I Am Strong

I used to be afraid

But now I am strong


Conversations were a battleground

And I was easily defeated

But the silence was worse

It really wasn't what I needed


My worst enemy was myself

My thoughts beat me every day

I tried to put them up on a shelf

But they would not go away


I was afraid everyone would hate me

If I only said a word

That nobody would want me

I felt like I was stabbed with a sword


At night my thoughts grew louder

A roaring sound that would not dissappear

Until I felt like my world was ending

Becuase it was all that I could hear


But then I started praying

More than once a day

And things started turning

I felt like life finally went my way


With help from the Lord 

I was able to stand strong

To take up for myself 

To not think I was so wrong


I used to think I was broken

But now, I am okay

I pushed myself to get better

Now nothing can stand in my way


I used to be afraid

Of the thoughts in my head

Of the people all around me

But now, instead


I look at the world through different eyes

I can control what I see

I am way more positive

And I can be who I want to be


I used to be afriad

But now I am strong

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