Queens of Death

Tue, 08/01/2017 - 20:12 -- lbellec

Across the realm the Princess roamed,

Feeling, as ever, completely alone.

The Shades all around had nothing to say.

She desp’rately missed the light of the day.

She discovered an end of the world, never known.

As she approached it the air shifted tone.

She walked straight across and felt the rush of the new,

Ent’ring a land where no cypress trees grew.


Off in the distance a woman did stroll;

Much like Persephone, a companionless soul.

The woman’s face shone with an ethereal light,

And draped around her: a dress dark as night.

From across the plain, Persephone’s gasp

Drew the full gaze of the woman at last.

Her face was half rotten with one eye sunken in,

Decomposed flesh was beside flawless skin.


Persephone recoiled, throat full of bile,

but was stopped in her tracks by the woman’s kind smile.

“I’m Hela,” she said, “the queen of this sphere.”

She opened her arms wide.  “Welcome, my dear.”

As she stepped into Queen Hela’s embrace

Persephone received the good will of the Fates.

After so many years held captive in Hades

Persephone re’lized she actually liked ladies.

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