Lesbians and their Unspoken Rules

Being a lesbian is difficult in this world

You have these rules you are supposed to follow when you fall for a beautiful woman

These rules with boundaries, these rules who make you a different person

A person you are not use to being

They say you can't talk to her because you see she's the male in the relationship

These lesbians and their unspoken rules
You see at first you think it's okay/ we're okay
But no it's not okay

She's more of the boy so you can't be friends if your the girl

These lesbians and their unspoken rules
And who knew you had to follow them or you start losing friends

It's not fair
Why is there so much jealously
Why can't we just be friends

But no because than there wouldn't be these couples called power couples
Lesbians and their unspoken rules

But what if my good friend is a female / male / female
And what if I don't believe in power couples

What if I don't care about most of what lesbians think?

Does that put me in a different category of lesbians?

Lesbians and their unspoken rules

We expect so much from others and we expect so much from our own
It's difficult to feel comfortable in our own skin when we have these
Unspoken rules

We're supposed to follow

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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