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Shelter, protected not empty Views narrowed on the small walls and closed door Not locked Being in the familiar a cozy feeling   Nudge, nudge  
Film class A documentary, my teacher says The bear man appears on the screen He lives with them The Bears “Dangerous creatures” he says into the camera He loves them
father – you’ve taught me how to be brave. strong and noble head of this house, you taught me to stand up for what i believe in.   mother – you’ve taught me to be kind. heart of this family, lovely and good,
I was told being an extrovert was better. But what they didn't know, Was that the words were a heavy blow. I didn't want to be "better"
Made Me Who I Am   There are many people In and out of my life, But they all have impacted me
My hero is not ordinary  Not fictional or imaginary  Escaping the social norm  A new legacy was born  A burly personality in the wrong body  He would not be his true self if it wasn’t for modern technology 
Mentor. It was the one word I felt I could call you. Our bond was too strong for "teacher" Friendship a forbidden term Mentor was the only word fitting.   Savior. 
An antagonizing demon festered a feeling of imminent destruction within this decaying body
Thank you. Thank you to the guy that hurt me. Thank you for every lonely night I stayed up crying, And for everytime I caught you lying to me. Thank you for showing me that I am worth way more than I though I was.
You lay there depleted, all hope diminished.   Your goal in sight, never to be finished.   Alone with not a single savior, Is the everlasting sense of failure  
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