No Better Teacher

You lay there depleted, all hope diminished.  

Your goal in sight, never to be finished.


Alone with not a single savior,

Is the everlasting sense of failure


That stands in your way as a shameless reflection.

A reminder of your countless limitations.


Standing tall, it looks down upon you.

Its face a mystery, an unreadable hue.


It’s comforting in a strange sense

To have one recurring factor in these events.


Among the endless conflict,

A feeling of inadequacy remains strict.


However, it fills you with anger.

A familial wall stands between you and what you hunger.


You want to tear it down piece by piece,

So you can have peace of mind, a tranquil cease.


This releases you from your own self-pity.

Motivation rejuvenates your mind once gritty.


Like a phoenix, you rise from the ashes.

Hope surrounds you and fills your leaking gashes


You stand tall, primed to act once more.

To have victory in hand, that’s what you’re fighting for.


You reflect and recognize you have much to learn.

But that knowledge is something you must earn.


You’re grateful for this adversary you must beat,

Because there is no better teacher than defeat.


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So beautiful and insightful.  Thank you for sharing.    I know this feeling all too well.   



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