From a Loveless Life to a Lovely Wife

My hero is not ordinary 

Not fictional or imaginary 

Escaping the social norm 

A new legacy was born 

A burly personality in the wrong body 

He would not be his true self if it wasn’t for modern technology 

From birth, everyone said he would end up like his father 

Fifteen and dead in the gutter 

He made it to sixteen 

Even his mother said he wouldn’t amount to anything 

They tried to lock him up and throw away the key 

The love of his life broke his trust and one morning he woke up as a father 

Out of lust and love, that baby made him love harder 

The two split but my hero remains a provider 

More than some actual birth fathers 

I applaud my hero for his heroic actions 

These are some examples, but the real heroism is never captured 

An entrepreneur at its finest, his hustle cannot be ruptured

Thank you for teaching me the real meaning of love 

You stick around, regardless of push or shove 

Taught me how to always perceiver 

Never let a man see me as a trophy, and set me up like a souvenir 

I learned that a father’s love is unconditional 

The passion I feel towards his kind soul is indescribable 

My hero is the future father to my children 

My future husband uses intellect and compassion to fight off villains 



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