Inner Demon


United States

An antagonizing demon festered a feeling of imminent destruction within this decaying body

Continuing it’s relentless cycle until it chipped away all the remnants of myself

Not even the light could reach within the dark crevices that held this demon


An inner demon spawned within this fragile body of mine

I became the host to a demon that would eventually poison me from the inside out

This demon finally held my vital organs in an iron grasp


It controlled my ragged breaths

It owned my faintly beating heart

It rewired my poisoned brain


The only being that allowed me to function was the demon within

I became the servant this the demon’s newly built empire

Orders were continuously etched into my corrupt subconsciousness

Forcing me to my breaking point in order to free the growing demon inside


The demon eventually broke through my withered consciousness

Falling into the hands of the one part of me it could never own

A pure consciousness that wields the ultimate power of realization


This realization spread throughout my pulsating body

Seeping into every corrupt cell and reviving it

Hunting down death to bring in life once again

Cleansing the demon that is now bound by shackles


Through all the despair and agony brought upon by this demon

It shall never leave its host

For it has always been there waiting to be discovered by realization

The realization that this demon can no longer break me like before

This demon has be repurposed to serve me instead as a tool

A tool that has molded me into the being I am today


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