Self Identity

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underneath my skin exists 60,000 miles of blood vessels 206 bones a pair  
You say you see the eye color, the nose shape, and face lines of my fatherNo matter how much I stare, I see himThe blood running through my veins shares the same DNA as him
I'll write,  off the top of my head.    I feel, off the top of my head.  I cant chose what I feel,  I cant choose how I'll think
We live in a world full of Facades, Empty hearts, with greedy intentions, This world is a black and white canvas, Full of people in masks... who’s behind the mask?
I am contradictory I am shy, yet I want to be the center of attention I am intelligent, yet I do nonsensical things I am quiet, yet my thoughts are loud and clear My insides are constantly at war
I will be what I sought to be not what America wants me to be I'm an old soul who lives free  even though everyone around me judges me, hates me, torments me
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