Let Loose and Yell

What I would give for a moment apart

from this absolute terror

that’s holding my heart.

Expectations and hopes from my family and friends

in regards to my mask, I guess it depends.


Some days I think maybe I’m the coolest there is

but there’s also the idea of my sheer loneliness.

If I show my true self my friends might cease to exist.

So I hide my face and fake it

but my insides are a mess.


‘cause I can’t do things on my own

or so I’m told.

I’m incompetent and ditsy and lo’ and behold

those words keep me ducking under gazes and glares

and judges are running by me each day in pairs.


Now I’m starting to realize

as fingers hurry over keys

that there probably isn’t anything wrong with being me.

I’m a little bit odd and a little obscure

but my life would be easy if I could finally be free.


If I could see past the curtains and the walls and masks

I’d see that everything in life isn’t just made of glass

and nothing in life is completely plaster-cast.

I’ve got ambitions and time and emotions and love

for everything under the sky and above.


Now people might care if I stand up and yell

and people might stare if I were to dance and I fell

but i’d just keep laughing despite all my bruises

‘cause in the end

it’s the copycat boring kid that loses.


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