will I ever be free?

Mon, 03/18/2019 - 22:19 -- cduan

underneath my skin exists 60,000 miles of blood vessels 206 bones a pair  

of lungs a gasp of light a whisper of mandarin an ocean 

of hate flesh and blood my atoms have existed since the beginning of the  

universe yet I am still raw the stars sigh "wisdom comes at a price" I know           

                I know

history given a voice would scream agony even the sun is not bright  

enough to burn aside mankind perhaps upon a passing meteorite I could  

wish it all apart I am tired of this who would want to be around people who 

judge another based on the color of their skin I yearn perhaps for a  

homeland a world away for the darkness of space does not call me alien 

                                                                                   I am alive 


inside me courage lies forgotten in her grave words choking me theirs 

feeding shame on my shoulder fear creating bottlenecks in my throat I've 

heard of blood shed for nothing I stop but the salt comes out in tears soon 

the words will revolt string themselves together into a death sentence there's   

life all around me see the plants growing from my bones sprouting inside my  

ribs see where a lotus resides blooming in my eye struggling 

from mud towards sky 

                                                         I wish to float in the emptiness between 

the stars 

there void swallows social constructs hate is a wound that  

heals stillness and  

brilliance and resistance pours infinitely 


thousands of light years away  

others watch as Earth turns to dust  


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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