Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What Do You See?

You say you see the eye color, the nose shape, and face lines of my father
No matter how much I stare, I see him
The blood running through my veins shares the same DNA as him
No matter what I did to erase his identity, he was still there
I question myself, Why ?
The man that has broke my heart and my mother's heart endlessly 
Lied to my face constantly
Only recognized me for my achievements but never knew my personality
Uncles, cousins, and grandpa raised me to the concept of REAL MEN MENTALITY
While you sat and watched years passed
Memories began to flood my mind as if it was a river
That never ended and continued
And saw myself in a pool of tears
I soon realized these tears was not worth for him
But it was worth to end this crazy cycle
And restart it with success stories and accomplishments
You reminded me I am more than a replication of him
I am Jessica Christine Valmont
Child of God, Daughter, Student, Tutor, Future Pediatrician 
Future wife and mother,
Lastly, I AM ME 
And no one can change that not even him

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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