track and field

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For as long as I can remember, from January to December, my determination hasn't come loose because I'm inspired by Coach Barousse.   Track and Field may be my first love,
The gun fires and instinct takes over as I attack out of the blocks, a mighty grizzly hunting my prey, powerful arms swinging 
Walking into the Oval Office my heart races My mind strong and clear, Nothing but victory is in my thoughts I am ready – the time is near  
I am from the adrenalin, sweat falling down my face.
When I look across the field I do not see people, I see predators. Watching, waiting, expecting. I don’t focus on them, or at least try not to. People are screaming. Why aren’t you screaming too? I should be.
She shivered with anticipation As she impatiently stood alert Expecting the piercing sound of the gun. But, no matter how soon she thought it was going to go off, She was always surprised
It all starts with the spotlight on me My heart as if to burst Hand clinched to tight my forearms fatigue Inhaling deep for a second of relief
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