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Like spermatozoa and oocytes They walked down the aisle  To be rebirthed on the birth bed of holy matrimony 
From the distance, When the trees that obstruct, Are deconstructed, And the towers of steel, Are forced to kneel,
I understand not what goes through their minds The hateful, the wicked the all holy divine They speak of God's love and say they will pray if you listen closely they cackle as you walk away
1. A missionary trembles in the pulpit, exhorting you with tales of the fire of God, of kings and coals, of a man who had seen angels and thought they omened his death.
There wass in that this was, in for devil in a merit war, in for my own. But that you ask in me that this could wait in me in if in what was gone back in time.
What a sad life it was when sin tore us and God apart What could we do to be saved from His Wrath? Nothing, because God had a plan to save us from the start
My body is my temple.  It is sacred.  And I only know this from the hands that tossed me and turned me while screaming they loved me and etching notions of false admiration
I traded in my Nike’s for the open mics  Those early Saturday morning 6 o'clocks for them 7s ate my priorities I had to trade them in for 
Your words are the Holy Scriptures I know by heart Confirm me with your smile and let me view God’s art Your hand’s caress surely has power over me My skin is blessed as my mind drowns in dopamine
Saintly silent waits he, to have a silent slight glimpse of her again, he silently misses her milky face, her big round eyes.   Saintly he waits silent, for his silent alarm to ring again,
Part I   A sudden whirlwind And a voice so said   Who, dark counsels By words without knowledge?   Now questions are To be answered!   Where were you?
Ok I’m trapped in this world Matter fact, I’m trapped in my mind
The sun serves you,  And offers a piece of its shame. The sea is enslaved, And sacrifices it's wonder in your name. The sky is your thrall,
Did you feel magic  When you left me down and out  Did you feel proud  Knocking the wind right through me  Out on to the ground    I was scarred  I was bruised  Just a disposable pawn 
To them, i'm a queen. Gayly waving my wand, round and round. Bubbles: each worth a thousand points. No, a million points. The source of all power lies in a  Soapy sphere.
I never have believed in god, But I know how it is to experience something and know the word to describe it, Holy. The promise of feeling real after a three-mile walk Through a town I barely know, Holy.
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