spoken word poetry

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My Works ... Poli - TRICKING ... !!!!! They're Tactics Are SICKENING ... !!! They're Using Their Power ... To Make People ... "cower" ... !!! It's ALL ABOUT This ... The Usual OLD Tricks ...
  My quality time.
Adeb́oĺa ́ òòòòò Ìshòlá omo Adé Omo ìyíọlásemí, omo Adégbóyèga Ìshol̀á Omo tápà Adé Omo Ọba Olójòkú ti ilu Òjòkú Òjòkú, mosè mo jalú omo Arógun díyàn Mo deĺe ́mo kiẹ́ oooo Adeb́oĺa ́Omo Oba (Rezthapoet, Reztha
The theatre is small and close and everyone inhales everyone elses' laughter and tears and the cheering makes me wonder if we were all friends in another life, or if we've just become friends because of now.
Remember that September embrace where I dug my nails into your back and planted roots right into your ribcage? The oxygen you breathed was oxygen for me and kept my roots buried, kept my mood merry,
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