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I thank God... When I hold the ones I love As I think of the people who got me this far For the warm and sunny times I thank God... When I feel the most alone As I think of all my short comings
When gods remove their mask the face behind is no more than a creator. An artist on days ego is allowed to sing   becomes a creation. Breaths spun from their own lungs
Near means far, close means distant We roam with slim hope, living in coexistance. They claim "History is happening, the past is being made!" "You'll be able to tell this story someday!" 
I'm looking for a love with no strings attached  No love at all  Just the push and pull of need and want  Two bodies filling empty spaces 
We have all come such long ways. whether near to our dear, or far from home, with each a story of our own It may be patience, trust or love, new chapters just to prove
I can't meet Your eyes. Although I have done no wrong, I have committed the most heinous crime. What makes me not worth Your time?   The difference between You and I is incredibly soft and fine.
Resonant foxes in lush of green The Prometheus espedition consumes Cupid hovers spectacularly spectating The caverns secretly securing alienation   Awaaiting a utopia derived by that familiar
POETREY (Religion)   Every religion has a different tent
I try to hide the parts of me that's vulnerable, If it's not exposed, then I won't be exposed, Don't get me wrong, I do have a heart for you, And I just don't want you to think my heart is cold;
Even as the soldier marches with his ear healed and  intact The guards bound him - chained him - stole him away What have I done?
Breakbeat poets speak in broken English, behind a facade of wholeness The Breakbeat Poet delivers the news of the death of black babies,
They say       “God doesn't make mistakes” as a way of telling us we're wrong for wanting – No – For needing to be ourselves.   It's not a mistake that I'm transgender. How could it be a mistake
  Dear God,   I'm so sorry that it has taken so long to get back to you. Life has been so hectic, everything is changing and new. So you've probably heard by now,
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