The Iscariot Lament: 2-19-17

Tue, 08/21/2018 - 19:52 -- AceV

Even as the soldier marches with his ear healed and  intact

The guards bound him - chained him - stole him away

What have I done?

The Son of the Father shackled by those ignorant men

Even as he prayed for their salvation

What have I done?

Thirty pieces of silver; thirty sins weighing me down

I am in agony; the spiritual affliction destroys my sanity

What have I done?

My body is ravaged by the fires of remorse and dread

It feasts on my iniquities as though they are oil

What have I done?

Beloved Saviour, Sweet Christ, Blessed Redeemer

My deceit and betrayal sealed your fate with a poisonous kiss

What have I done?

I am wrought with inner turmoil and grief

I run back to the priests

What have I done?

I cannot keep this. Take this filth from me!

I run away once more; my heart bursts with anguish

What have I done?

I fall to my knees; the tears scald my cheeks

Burning feverish trails of  woe down my face

What have I done?

I quiver uncontrollably and glance at the heavens above

My lips tremble with fear threatening to engulf me

What have I done?

I cry out and beg, Elohim! Father, Lord!

Only the deafening silence answers

My God, what have I done?


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