God, gods

I can't meet Your eyes.

Although I have done no wrong,

I have committed the most heinous crime.

What makes me not worth Your time?


The difference between You and I

is incredibly soft and fine.

The addition of a curving line,

making a word become plural.


You say God, with a capitol G,

but that isn't quite right for me.

I try my best, but You can't see,

so we don't talk anymore.


I say gods, with an s on the end,

and You say," That is just pretend!

sinners like you,

go to Hell in the end!"


You say i'm evil,

that i detest.

If i protest,

You assure You know best.


So now i can't run,

and now i can't fight.

 Bible in hand,

You know You are right.


Now i give up,

now i see.

No matter my point,

You won't listen to me.


i keep my mouth shut,

because my dear friend,

the difference between God and gods

is an s on the end.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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