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I stay here and I wait. But why? for what? You don't care. I get what I am to you, I never leave. I'm loyal, I'm a good person.  So you take advantage of that so you go away and expect me to be here when you get back. 
I feel the calming waves Lapping at me Through the bright Blistering sun And stealing away Every ounce of innocence  I once possessed   I have never felt so distant From reality
One by one, piece by piece   Day and night, pass me by
Shadows linger, but you've left, ages ago, off the cliff.   Here is the after, where you are gone, and what remains is eaten by the sea.
A mental breakdown is like a crack in the walls of the universe A quickly expanding hole That you didn't realize was there Until you felt the draft You felt the pain of the widening gap
On the dark cliffs full of shadows The river is rushing, the water crashing Headed towards the inevitable fall
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