I feel the calming waves

Lapping at me

Through the bright

Blistering sun

And stealing away

Every ounce of innocence 

I once possessed


I have never felt so distant

From reality

Until I touched the brink of eternity

With the small of my back

Lining up perfectly with the concrete

Breaking out of the dull normalcy 

And sprinting into the galaxies


The wind whips around me

Clashing together like a symphony

Beautiful and brilliant

However I am but a quiet piece of the puzzle

A mere minute in the month

That passes

Without a second glance



I will pull into myself

Yet again I draw away from those

Who say they love me so

But their the ones who pushed me

Off of the cliff

And into the raging waters


These waters 

They are suffocating me

Destroying me 

As i gasp for air

Alongside these barren tombstones

That laugh as they know I will never escape

And I will proceed into my annihilation


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