If I fall

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 01:01 -- Hazel.O

I stay here and I wait. But why? for what?

You don't care.

I get what I am to you, I never leave. I'm loyal, I'm a good person. 

So you take advantage of that so you go away and expect me to be here when you get back. 

And I always am because part of me believes that you care. 

Part of me thinks if I were to stand on the edge of a cliff

you would grab my hand and try to talk me down

but you never do you just push me closer to the edge 

so I tell myself that I'm not really that close

that if it came down to it you would catch me

I choose to believe there is good in everyone.

Well thank you for proving me wrong. 

I do know one thing for certain 

As you watch me fall you would wonder how I got to the edge in the first place

and that is exactly why I smash into pieces 

because you don't even realize 

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