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Yeah I'm different  But what's wrong with that? This is something we don't choose  This is something that makes us confused So please don't accuse Us for being different  Saying its our choice
I stand upon this beautiful cliff Observing the land spread out ahead of me Wanting to fly   I can see the clouds And the town I used to live in So small and far away  
I have seen the glismpe of love I have felt it on my skin I have heard the whispers of joy How it hurts me deep within
Quiet Speech  By: Foy Reed Quiet  holds breathe while trying to blend in, Quiet Like a lamb in wolves clothing I hide. Surrounded by family and friends who can easily turn 
Then I can be at rest, At home, At peace, And accepted for being how I am. But what if I’m not by the ones I seek for approval?
You are a painter who paints in my mind you show me the world I wish I could find A world where I’m happy with you by my side a world where our love has no reason to hide.  
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