It’s been a while but do you remember, how much fun it was. Do you remember the late mornings, full of hangovers, and teasing each other every time we moved around inside the cheap bed, just because it would make it squeak. Do you remember the nights filled with bars or fancy parties, challenging each other to drink more shots, having to call cabs, every single time. Do you the night we ran away to Vegas, do you remember the things we said when we were high out of our minds, do you remember telling me how you’d love me until the universe was blank, how I hung on every alcohol soaked word, each vodka coated breath drawing me closer, making me fall, deeper and further in love with you. Do remember saying I love you for the first and last time. Do you remember me, do you remember the person you fell in love with. I’m sorry, I tend to dwell, but you can’t tell me, all of that meant nothing to you, that morning waking up to an empty space, drinking my favorite dark brewed coffee, alone, in silence. I finally made my way to London, to be honest, it kind’ve hurts, a lot, living our dream, in an apartment for two, It really is sad that it only houses one though, the second room is decorated the way you would have wanted it, I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, you’ve just become so much of a part of me that it hard not to do these things. I guess that's why it was so easy to pick everything for the ring. I had the whole night planned. It still sits there on the nightstand. I couldn’t bring myself to return it, it wouldn't fit anyone else so perfectly, after all it was custom-made for you. Of course, it would have been yours if that night hadn’t been so difficult.



I finally got approved for the adoption, which is exciting, of course here I am living our dream again, but I guess I should celebrate. It isn’t exactly easy for a single and gay guy to adopt, but I did it. I’ll stop it here, before I end this letter in tears.


I send you my love,

Y .F. L

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