Maybe if I Can Reach That Door

Then I can be at rest,

At home,

At peace,

And accepted for being how I am.

But what if

I’m not

by the ones I seek for approval?

Dad’s gonna flip out

Mom might have a heart attack

My siblings will be uncomfortable

Grandma might lock me in an old shack

And here’s two peepholes on this door

But they’re both pretty shitty:

One is a question box with the eyes of god behind it

Waiting for me to make a move

The other is on the other side of the door,

Facing me and my world.

Screw that peephole.

I already know what my life’s like.

And Narnia tells you the closet’s fun

Only because if you ain’t in it your head could be on a spike.

But I’m not gonna push open the closet door

Just yet.

I’m afraid

I’m so,


so damn afraid.

It’s not easy coming out

It’s easier to stay hidden

But it’s harder to find love

Or be loved

Or be happy

Or feel like the people around you love the you behind the mask.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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