Mon, 08/20/2018 - 20:12 -- HopeRea


United Kingdom
53° 43' 8.5008" N, 2° 4' 22.0224" W

I stand upon this beautiful cliff

Observing the land spread out ahead of me

Wanting to fly


I can see the clouds

And the town I used to live in

So small and far away


The years it has taken me to climb is mountain

Have been too many

I cant fly


The rocks I stand upon are

Distorted and sharp

The air feels good up here


The shouts from below are getting louder and louder

The rats at my feet gnaw and bite

You tell me to jump


I want to jump

I really do

But how can I if I don’t have wings?


(Will you catch me?)


You have wings

I’ve seen them

You angel, my angel

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