'2017' 'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’

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Maybe it's the way  You hate me That pulled my heart  Closer to you.    I am a flower  Wanting to be a tree.  It's too far  For me to reach  Like the love You have for me. 
Pin prick after pin prick and thread after thread, we are nothing more then stitched smiles onto burlap faces that sit on workbenches of lost people. These chapped-lipped apologies seem stuffed and overflowing,
I can not I will not believe in your ghosts with you
Having it can make you feel like a king or queen it can make you feel like you’re on the top of the world like youre invincible  control might feel good when you have it though
I Will Run Away   I always stay strong to be your rock in a way. But now I must run From this pain I have brought My castle of stone eroded away.
Say what you want to say, 'cuz when your dead you can't say nothin' like how you hate that boy or feels distrubed when he's around or how disrespectful he can be or selfish or foul-tempered
It was three yearsbefore I opened myself up and dusted myself off.
Dear Rye,   There are a lot of things swirling inside you Emotions and memories and darkness that You don’t know quite how to process
Blood is red Dirt is brown I let you in You let me down!
Rape lasts longer than a moment,Rape burns an imprint into the self.Rape strips more than the outsideIt thieves the words from your frightened mouth.It makes you think you are different,Like you’re deserving of this sin.It cripples up the bodyIt f
I have denied that a tear ever touched my skin While you apologize for your actions, once again like fire and gasoline dancing our flame has grown brighter, more destructive
You You were scary You were all powerful When I thought you’d get weaker, you got stronger I thought I’d finally escaped
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