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My anxiety hits me in waves like the tides that crash on the beach, Hitting me hard and unrelenting and then Suddenly gone. Comparitive to the low tide when the waves are pulled back and reveal a soft and new beach.
Who is She? Well for starters She isn’t exactly she. She’s they. V I C T O
Dear Catdog in my brain,   You have cause me a lot of pain You are obsessive-compulsive disorder But in order to cope I gave you a nickname   Catdog, you compress my lungs
To the boy that haunts me,I apologize.And I know if youwere here,breathing and still intact,you’d say it’s not my fault.And I know you’re right,that you pulledyour own triggerand
I haven’t forgiven you I don’t think you understand The great weight you put on my sternum And on my head when I feel my soul start slipping  
Crickets chirping, light off suddenly she's in the dark.Heart pounding, mind racing, just her & her thoughts.Good & bad, the wish I could's, was it me? What did I do?
Depression is battling yourself to send your cousin a picture saying "Thought of you" to open a conversation with her But deciding against it because it's 1am and you don't want to appear lonely and desperate for attention
It was a warm august afternoon that you caught my eye I never thought that your big brown eyes would make me feel so high. It wasn't long until you were the only thing on my mind
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