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Because I loved you… I listened to the meaningless nothings You whispered in my ear. Did you ever really love me? You would leave colorful bruises All over my body. I would hide them;
You take and you never give back. You make promises and you don't keep them. I've spent so long trying to find your rhyme scheme. It's not ABAB or AABB, nothing with any C's or D's.
You first caught me with your smile You reeled me in like a fish I didn’t know I had other options I was just looking for food For my heart  
Intensity, manipulation, jealousy Belittlement, betrayal… Hurt Because I love you I stay Because I love you I forgot my worth
Because I Love You…   I do not take advantage or mistreat you. I hear your words and I listen. I recognize your boundaries, and I respect them.
I live for stormsfor the thunder and the madness it brings in its wakethe pounding of fear that it carriesfor thunder is
  Down chiseled mountain cheek, embrace the torrents of tears Undammed by invisible monsters and irrational fears Upon panicked waking during the witching hour
we met on a cold day during the fall last year we bumped into each other on accident and i spilt my hot tea you threw down your things and helped me saying "I'm sorry dear" suddenly my stomach and heart felt funny
“Because I Love you” When those words leave your mouth It is in a different context than I am familiar with.
To give yourself to another person And recieve them in return Equal, never taking advantage Loving and caring Through sickness and health Even in the absence of wealth Emotional support
Because I Love You, I will respect you. But, because I Love You, I will also respect myself. Because I Love You,
Because I Love You, I will respect you. But, because I Love You, I will also respect myself. Because I Love You,
Because I love you I will give you my password But hope you never feel the need to use it. I will introduce you to my friends So you never have to worry that I am hiding something
That feeling when your heart whirled The laughs heard around the world The warm hug while you're crying out all of your tears The inside jokes that no one else hears   The mood changes when he walks in
Roses and chocolate, are an illusion Reality lies in a bond without seclusion We both have lives, a healthy prolusion That weigh not on our spirit's fusion You are free And as am I
Every "forever" dispells insecurity-- A brief paradise.             
There is light inside my ribcage,A raging fire!You put it there, you arsonist!I’m bellowing smoke, but I’m not choking,no,I feel alive.I feel manic and alive.God!
Him and Her -Because I love Him- You mean more then a women crush Wedsnday, Her- Our love is more then showing the world Him-Being in this world together Him and Her- Because I love you
Because I love you, I hit you, Only to put you in your place. Because I love you, I want you to text me every day, I don't want you to text anyone else. Because I love you,
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