love, love, love yourself

You take and you never give back.

You make promises and you don't keep them.

I've spent so long trying to find your rhyme scheme.

It's not ABAB or AABB,

nothing with any C's or D's.

Why do I relentlessly love you

When all you do is break my heart.

I'm tired of chasing after something that doesn't even slip between my fingers

or graze my fingertips.

Remember the nights where the giant elephant in the room was ignored.

And I lied to myself each and every time.

Things would get better.

But they don't.

It's up to me to make them better.

I don't have to put up with anything.

I have a voice that I can use.

I have these words swelling over and threatening to spill in anger

Maybe in time after this cloud hanging over is gone,

I'll feel at peace with myself and this world.

I don't have to keep up with the negative part of myself anymore.

Because I should love myself and everyone in it regardless of age, gender,

Sexuality, race and so much more. 

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