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WAR 🛡️⚔️   Life is a fight The battlefield of the mind War wages within our souls Or should I say for your soul.   It's a war between Darkness and Light, Between Good versus Evil.
Jesus Christ was Perfect, Yet He died so He Could save me. Thank you, Jesus.
"You're a man now, Step Up. C'mon, don't let life drown you. If you don't Step Up for yourself, no one will. You need to take control."   Why does it feel like I'm losing control?
Present, Past, Future   Now I hit the world now I'm present and I'm pretty sure I'm the worlds present. Entering stepping in this new realm trying hard not to be overwelmed
Lost, Found Hidden, Exposed Weak, Strong Confused, Assured Prideful, Humble Dead, Alive   This is the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ  
Dear God, Where is my life going, what do you want me to do? There have been so many things that I could say bring me close to You, But they never seem to be the end.  
Will You hold me again, my Lord and my God,      hold me again, through this wind and this fog, for the waves and the wind of this sorrowful sea      can be most wonderful if only You'd hold me.  
I’m going to tell you a story  A story not about you or me  But a story about a tree    See this tree was called a cross  A horrific death sentence laid across  a man named Jesus  
I got up this morningOn the wrong side of the bed.But it’s okay.I spilled my coffeeOn my new jeans.But it’s okay.I burnt my toastAnd had to settle for just coffee.But it’s okay.
Of course, He is Risen. If not, why  Are the flowers blooming?  Why are the trees growing?   Of course, He is Risen. If not, why  Does the sun set  And rise again?  
Dear Jesus,  The wind is howling, It seems it will never cease.   Dear Jesus,  I've heard the bible story Of You calming the sea.   Dear Jesus, I feel scared right now,
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