Present, Past, Future

Present, Past, Future


Now I hit the world now I'm present

and I'm pretty sure I'm the worlds present.

Entering stepping in this new realm

trying hard not to be overwelmed

If I get any bigger man I'll Dialate

to be honest for that single moment I can't wait

Still kind of short but my egos big

Putting my self in acoffin next to the grave I dig

Now that I'm stronger I have hating immunity

And thats sopposed to take the sting away presumably

and make me into a man that would make a girl swoon



See I wasn't a little tyke I was a little tycoon

messing with me was like messing with a typhoon

Poeple hustiling hard built the church up

Just for mans greed to pull it down 

made Jesus' words so profound 

almost llie a holy incantation 




The years now feel like an initiation

but the lord wants me to be patient

Into this crazy world I venture

But le leave the world just how we enter

without any treasure thats without gold

refering to the legend fortold

nobody's getting younger we're just getting old

Present, Past, Future showing my direction

My words are a product of Jesus' ressurection


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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