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Dear Xae,  I have been thinking about letters recently, I find it unfortunate that no one writes them anymore,  No one even writes love letters anymore,
It’s nearly a year later since I’ve written And I’ve regained myself. I believe in my future. I want to strive. I want to love all. My heart has flourished since I’ve last written.
We were lying in bed. I had one arm under your neck, and the other was draped over your waist. Your head was snug into my shoulder. I want to hold you like that forever. You are more than a body intertwined with my flesh.
Thank you for taking away the nightmares Thank you for taking away the fear of living Thank you for forgiving Thank you for taking away the tears and the fears
Because I love you I'll give you the world And make sure you're warm Cuddling, curled Becuase I love you Somtimes we fight But make sure it's fixed By the end of the night
  Feeling your heatSitting in the passenger seatStealing glances at youThose cheeks with a rosey hue
Because I love you I will uplift you everyday Because I love you You will  throw any negative connotations about yourself away You are beYOUtiful Yes in your own way. Friends are your soulmates too.
I knew from the moment I met him, that we were meant to be His face was kind, his words were sweet He said he would never hurt me, but things can change in a blink  
The boy I love Is strong Even when I am weak Is caring Even when there seem to be no hope Is loving Even when I am unlovable
Because I love you, I will try Beacuse I love you, I won't pry Because I love you, I wll fight Because I love you, I will trust you on your absent night Because I love you,, I will sacrifice what's mine
First you convince me that I am crazy, so I convince me that I am crazy too.  You tell me that the difference between black and blue is that the flesh should never be yellow. 
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