The Letter That Was Worthy

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 22:48 -- zac415

Dear Xae, 

I have been thinking about letters recently,

I find it unfortunate that no one writes them anymore, 

No one even writes love letters anymore,

So that is why I am writing this letter to you,

Do you remember the perfect moments we share?

And all the times we both showed how much we care?

Boy you make me seek perfection,

You make me lose all direction,

To be honest you make me lose my words,

Like all my words boxed up like scrabble pieces,

I spilt them all over the floor trying to pick the right ones to say,

But I always knew it was okay,  

I have written countless letters, 

Each one made it's way to the trash, 

Like I said, I seek perfection, 

Those words were not the right selection, 

But as long as you know I love you dearly, 

My words are already explained clearly,

Because they are already written in both of our hearts,

There is no need to write anything down on paper at all,

I dont know what I did to deserve you,

I thank you and perfect moments,

The scrambled words,

My love for you puts me at a loss of words.

All my love,



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