Real Love

I knew from the moment I met him,

that we were meant to be

His face was kind, his words were sweet

He said he would never hurt me,

but things can change in a blink


I remember when he first told me he loved me,

it was because I was beautiful

I remember when he told me I was beautiful,

I was because I was wearing a bikini


But when did it all change, 

when did things go bad

When did the words I love

make me want to pee my pants


Because he loved me,

I couldn't hang out with friends, and

Because he loved me,

I had to do whatever he said


Because he loved me,

me turned into we, and I never said I, and

Because he loved me,

he cheated, I know because I spied


But that doesn't sound right

Love is supposed to be pure,

not twisted and corrupted

I want real love,

not this messed up paradise


Because he loves me,

he should hold my hand

Because he loves me,

he should try to want to understand


Because he loves me,

he should make me better

Because he loves me,

he should share his sweaters


Love should make you feel warm

Love should make you tingle

Love should make your favorite thing

feel as though it is inferior


And until you get that feeling,

until you feel that spark,

keep looking for love, 

and keep it in your heart


This poem is about: 
Our world


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