breakups/ending relationships/unhealthy relationships/moving on/choosing me

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The time came when we no longer smiled as we once did at Table 26.   Nor as we laughed when pouring rain surprised us   so we melted a kiss against a tree.   
At the end of the day, we both do our own things. You study, I clean. You think about academics and family, I think of you and family.
I think of the way I use to be held Nothing has changed I still hate your guts Your eyes are just hard to forget However all we were is lust Late nights You'd call me beautiful
I gave you somethingyou probably shouldn’t of receivedI’m weary eyedthinking about how you seemed to lead charming sweet smiledemeanor honest and truthfulwhy did my heart have to be so couthful?
My dear, you asked me for an apology and I know this is not what you meant but i’m sorry my hands are always cold and I don’t answer your texts, my mom never taught me about me-time or self interest, but I learned I before E where I has to mean I
you claim to be a “grown-ass man”, but in order to be considered a “grown-ass man” you should be able to live with yourself
Although it's been two years, my mind still starts to wander You occupy my thoughts, and I still always ponder About how different my life would be if back then I had knew The repercussions I would face because I love you
In the darkest of nights, I felt alone. I felt only sadness and fear. I felt the pain of the hand that once claimed to love me caress me in places I did not want to be caressed.
“But I love him “ That was my every excuse that I used. That’s what I would say when I was done venting to my friends. I would run through a list of all the bad feelings he made me feel & all the
Through the checkered meadow,Our eyes met alas,Your hair brazing through the rash wind that warped around us and passed,Your hands wrapped tightly around my neck as I cry out with woe.
  The dj was blasting that tune As I look up to see the shining moon  I saw you looking gloom And I walked over to bring you a balloon Your smile brightened up the room
What is a healthy relationship?
He said he loved me but proceeded to call me fat, proceeded to call me dumb Yet he said he loved me when he would block off my friends, block off my family But he promised he loved me
Double Edge Love     Love… Love that moves the body The spirit And the soul   This love that is sweeter than the nectar that feeds our souls
Because I Love You, I will hold your hands when you feel alone  when you feel scared to the bone as I guide you back to your throne Because I Love You, I will shower you with memories that we will look back to.
i guess i’ll back away from you, untangling the knots i’ve made around the concept of us. why does love always leave me with scabbed knees from landing too hard on the concrete.
Because I love you, I messaged you first.   Because I love you, I gave you a completely awkward high five when you tried to hug me.  
Your favorite phrase to take advantage of was: "because I love you.."   It was the words you spat at me in the eyes of the public, The way you gripped my arm so tight.  I never got an explanation, no not one. 
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