unhealthy relationship

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To whom I have yet to forgive,   You left me depressedYou left me undressedYou left me caressedAnd of course, what's left   Abused and usedI hope you're amused  
What is love? Is it just a word to say? Is it a belief I can use just to get my way? Is it the voice inside your head that says, “Because of me, the verbal abuse is okay."?
*inhale*   There you were. You looked at me and time stopped.   You were hers and I was no ones, but you looked at me anyway.
  In my darkest moment,  You were there to cradle me Somehow you became my opponent Preventing me from being free   You and I together Perpetuated my pain The way dark and stormy weather
He called me Baby, said that I was beautiful. That I was smart. strong. That he loved me.   So I was in love,
The Seas And the Skies The color In his eyes Your hue makes me warm You’re a thunderstorm He holds the moon dear
My Dearest Love, How is it that one person so entirely enraptures another? You make my soul feel light and give my heart a reason to flutter! The worries I once had seem to melt away at the smile you give me,
I saw it in him the day his hands shook with misplaced anger   Malice and indifference potent in both his words and his features
Because I love you, I let you change me bit ny bit. Because I love you, the past I never forget,- I allow you to relive every bad decision I ever made, and I feel deserving of this punishment all becsuse you stayed. -
You taught me to wait Because you said I love you back You taught me that it was okay to accept apologies When your actions were like a song stuck on a broken track.   Because I loved you  
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