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I’m learning to laugh again. The happiness that was so quickly stolen from my life finds its way back to me as if we were connected by a string, once severed, now mended back together.
There's a piece of my heart that still holds on to you. The piece that equates neglect with value; Abandonment with level of servitude. The fairytale I never got to see come true.
You are my stronghold, my protector, my shield Your love for me casts away all my fears Spirit of Truth, by Your Word I’m made whole  You’ve never left me
World slips through my fingers so fast I don't know what I'm missing, it doesn't matter.  The person I am around you is who I truly am, I'm falling for you but I'm also falling for me.  I lay beside your heart, love nest. 
Mesmerized from the beauty of her eyes, Should he walk up or should he keep his feet in park, Heart pounding head spinning, what should he do? Words can't explained the beauty of this goddess!
There are parts of one's self that can be change and there are parts of one's self that can't be changed. If your hair is naturally Brown , It can be changed to Orange if one so chooses it to be.
I never knew life was so tough. All the bullies, they treat you so rough. All my coaches were jerks when I played, And all the people I loved never decided to stay.
   My memory is marked by a beating of the heart One beat stay alive, yet one beat to shut it down When I think back, every memory is in blue
The ocean sets you free Your soul can be let go of Just release your pain The ocean will take it away Calmness will envelop you  
You know that stupid saying, “Time heals all wounds” That’s only partially true Time itself isn’t what heal the wounds Time is just there
A time ago — the details are a little fuzzy now — I ripped out my soul and placed it inside you so when you hurt I hurt; when you laughed I laughed;
For the man with a son who still looks like a child himself. he writes silly notes and always has candy in his pockets. How can somebody so young have the eyes of an old man.  
i am my poetry every line, every stanza is the story of me   you can feel my pain rhyming to help keep me sane   eloquence is the technique to make life make sense
In the midst of a cloudy year, we write to our spirits and ask for salvation. Blind to the beauty that prances around us,  waiting for any sign or life within us. We send letters to our minds,
There's a point in life where you are bursting with emotion. Unbridled, undignified, unidentifiable emotions. They aren't like clouds, dissipating in the high winds after obscuring the sun.
Mind-racing mildly. Moving swiftly, Moving gracefully.   Adrenaline racing. Heart flutters along to the beat. Feeling complete, Expressing with feet.   Soul soars,
To the boy in the Star Wars t-shirt: You may remember my name but not my face; and that's okay. I was your first girl; When you were angry at the world and everything in it, Including me.
Love, A beautiful emotion, thick as ice. Love is very very nice. Damaging at first It could truly get worse But, I met a boy Stranger than most Oh that boy I love the most.  
It can catch you off guard, as it wispers its dark plans into your ear. Its voice sweet as syrup drugs your conscience,  making you unaware of the threat it poses. Yet it can also bring blissful relief.
The more I don't understand, the more I start to resent. I feel hatred overpowering the love in my soul. And my heart descends from red to black coal.
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