medicine for the soul.

i am my poetry

every line, every stanza is the story of me


you can feel my pain

rhyming to help keep me sane



is the technique to make life make sense

the trauma of my own rape plays over and over like a breaking news story on cnn

but somehow sounds beautiful and empowering through paper and a ballpoint pen


writing can be sexy too

something about a woman whose intentions are true

to empower other women; help them find their own breakthrough


we also write to forget

to move on from all the bullshit

we write to relive

to be transformative


the greatest part i believe

is the change i see within me

and its because of me

... these are my words; my autobiography


i write because it brings me happiness

allows me to move on from my unhappiness


dwelled on the closures from others i never got

writing my own endings helped relieve the pain a lot 


this is for you

the reader who believes there's nothing more to do


your awakening is coming

your purpose is forthcoming

This poem is about: 



This is beautiful!

free spirit

Thank you so much! This is my first time publicizing my work and it means alot that u enjoyed

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