Broken Growth

I never knew life was so tough.

All the bullies, they treat you so rough.

All my coaches were jerks when I played,

And all the people I loved never decided to stay.

I realized early on how much life hated me.

I grew up stumbling and broken that was all I ever would be.

Depression consumed me and tore me to shreds, 

While I spent every night wishing I were dead.

I felt all the tears running down my face. 

Then my heart started to race.

All the horrifying feelings meant the darkness was here,

And tagging along was the meaningless but never-ending fear.

I'm alone and trapped while my brains telling me lies.

How do you live when your brains telling you to die?

I fight and I fight everyday, 

But nobody has anything genuine to say.

I use my scars to relate to those who are lost. 

I want to help them no matter the cost.

I grew up when I learned how to channel that pain, 

And now I help others who fight with their brains. 

I do not want another soul to feel as tortured as mine, 

So I learned growing together is what will make us feel fine.


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